CTA Advantage

Integrated operations at a low cost

In addition to the established benefits that a network brings, our prime value proposition is this: current independently-developed adapters (between only two agents) can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which is prohibitively expensive for most companies. CTA, in comparison, brings together a worldwide network of freight forwarders all connected to each other via the adapter, all for an annual cost of USD 2,500 plus a transaction cost of USD 0.40 per file per agent involved.

Compete with the multinationals

Becoming a member of the CargoTech Alliance allows you to offer your customers the same global network that the large multinationals do, while still retaining autonomy. The strictly-vetted membership around the world understand how CargoWise benefits their operations, and how the CTA adapter can bring about closer working relationships, stronger communication, minimal email traffic while all the while helping reduce overheads and letting you focus on what your customers value the most – customer service.

Work closely with Cargowise-equipped agents

With increasing consolidation of freight brands and the largest forwarders only getting bigger, a freight network like CTA is the only way an independent freight forwarder can compete with the multinationals. Using CargoWise One across the world facilitates this process and ensures that you fight for business on equal terms. CTA will therefore be targeted at medium-sized forwarders who bring strong prowess in their localities, but are well versed in CargoWise One and are looking to work with similar agents around the world.

Payment Protection Plan

CargoTech Alliance members will also be protected against debtor bankruptcy and fraud by a network-wide Payment Protection Plan for upto USD 20,000 with potential to grow this coverage in the coming years.

CargoTech Alliance is a freight network for the independent freight forwarder that wants not only strong partners across the world, but a technological connection as well.

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