About CargoTech Alliance

CargoTech Alliance (CTA) is a freight network that brings together medium-sized independent freight forwarding companies from around the world, via their common freight operations management system, CargoWise One. CTA believes that CargoWise One is best utilized by connecting forwarders to each others’ systems, something that is inadequately done by existing technological solutions; as a result, CTA and technology partner Soft Freight Logic has developed an interface between systems that can be replicated across the network.

CTA was launched after an intense study of existing freight forwarding networks, our own experiences in international logistics and from a close understanding of how CargoWise One can further improve operational efficiencies and help reduce overheads. While several efficient networks exist, and have done so successfully for years, none of them offer a technological connection to each other like CTA does, and therefore no avenue to improve operational efficiencies.


Less emails – conversion of bookings online, instead of multiple emails between partners.
Sales lead development, joint sales programs using CargoWise One's CRM & lead management functionality.
No duplication of data entry, potentially reducing staff overheads and other fixed costs of your organization.
Transparency on milestones throughout the shipment process.
Control on shipping documents - Bank Releases, bill of lading, Commercial invoice etc.
Visibility of financials on each job and each step of the workflow.

CargoTech Alliance is a freight network for the independent freight forwarder that wants not only strong partners across the world, but a technological connection as well.

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